Benefits of Instagram to Museums

Instagram is an app for photo sharing that is used by almost 90 million users. Many popular brands use this app to provide photos of new products, showcase featured products or let audiences know about events going on. Instagram also had the capability to play short videos to add a motion picture aspect to user’s profiles.

Instagram is a creative way to share info using photos, memes, and videos. Many museums have Instagram profiles to share information about upcoming events, lectures and student works. For example, Brooklyn Museum used a photo of Miss Piggy to honor women as part of their upcoming event as a part of their Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Miss Piggy is an icon to many people all around the world and is a prime example of a successful woman in her field even though she is a puppet. The photo is fun and well known and gives information of the museum’s current program.

A second way to share on Instagram is to post “behind the scenes” or “work in progress” photos and videos. These types of photos and video depict the processes of putting together a project. The Museum of Modern Art has a video of the Chief Curator putting together labels for their new exhibit. The video shows how much work goes into new exhibits and gives audiences a look into the deeper parts of the museum.

Another way to use Instagram is to connect with audiences and other professionals in collaborative efforts. The Museum of Flight put out an ad to reach local artist to come together for a collaboration. The artists came together and created an astronaut statue to display in different locations around Seattle. While not directly posting about specific items in an exhibit, the museum posted about an opportunity to create art for the community.

Instagram is also a great place to share interesting information related to your current programs or mission. You can share updates on upcoming events and activities. A contest is interactive content that an organization can host on this application like “Caption This Pic,” “Follow Our Page” or have audiences send in pictures and choose the best one. In order to make sure audiences can find your campaign, Instagram utilizes a hashtag system that you can use to your advantage.

Instagram is also sync compatible with other social media networking apps and sites. In the Instagram app, users can also send the media they are uploading to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter. Using this tool makes it easy to post messages across social networking sites all at once.

Instagram can be a powerful tool for organizations looking for a creative way to share information. Photos and videos often speak louder than words making Instagram a great tool for visually intensive organizations such as museums. I hope you choose to make Instagram a part of your online networking.


Published by: kendylhardy

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