SWOT for Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are a promotional tool created for Facebook for Business. Ads can be used to promote a post, page or website. “Facebook ads can appear in News Feed on desktop, News Feed on mobile, and in the right column of Facebook on desktop (Facebook).”


  • Everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook. Facebook currently host a network of approximately 1,550 million users (Statista).

    Credit: http://www.newsroom.fb.com/company-info/

    Out of the 1.55 billion people on Facebook in the entire world, you can target the people that are most important to you.

  • Facebook as tailored ad campaigns to help marketers achieve a variety of goals.

    ad goals
    Credit: http://www.facebook.com/business/
  • Ads come with analytic reports to help marketers find their target audience, monitor the progress of their campaign, check post reach and website clicks or app downloads.
  • Users can choose to create a Facebook Ad or boost a post creating two ways to advertise. Payment is made on a “Pay per Thousand Impressions (CPM), where you pay a fee each time your ad is viewed 1000 times 
and Pay for Click (CPC) where you pay when an individual clicks on your ad. (Dara Creative).”


  • Everyone is so busy on Facebook that users often don’t notice sidebar ads.
  • If you or your organization is new to Facebook, getting followers can be a slow process. One of the first steps to get followers on Facebook is to invite and engage your existing community.
  • Facebook ads are not a cure all for Facebook networking. There should always be someone who is in charge of creating content and engaging with followers.
  • Campaigners need to take their time to develop a great campaign. Just because we take an ad and put it on social media does not mean that we can lose our professionalism.


  • Facebook offers a great platform to host drawings or contests for your organization. Be sure to check the rules for hosting contests on Facebook here. Another great site to get information on Facebook promotion rules is the Social Media Examiner.

    netwrk ops
    Credit: http://www.facebook.com/business/
  • Engaging with niche communities is one of the reasons why online networking is so popular. Depending on your goal, online communities can be made on a variety of platforms including Tumblr, LinkedIn, Couch Surfing, Deviant Art and so many more. Facebook is one of the largest networks where online communities flourish.
  • Promote specific content you want to share.
  • Spread awareness of your website.
  • Achieve your goal by spreading awareness of your cause and call your audience to action. 100 million dollars was raised for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research through the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge.
    Credit: Reuthers (ibtimes.com)


    • News spreads fast. It is important to monitor the progress and reaction to campaigns so that you can respond quickly to negative responses.












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