Racism in Toyland

So I read an article this week called “Racism in Toyland” by Christine L. Williams. This article is about the experiences and observations Williams has found throughout her career in relation to shopping trends. Williams starts out the article by stating that many sociologists believe that shopping behaviors are impacted by price, convenience and selection. Obviously. However, Williams believes that race, gender and class statuses also influence our shopping habits as well. After reading the article and reflecting on my own shopping habits, I agree with Williams.

People shop in places where their needs will be met. Women generally do not shop at stores that cater to men when shopping for themselves. People of a lower economic class normally don’t shop in high end markets. Then, people of color may not shop at certain stores for various reasons. Race is the factor I found to be the most interesting that shapes our shopping habits.

When looking at myself, I can realize how much my race makes decisions for me. For example, I don’t go into certain stores where people like to watch me. There was this one store that I went into and a guy was taking pictures of me on his cell phone because he didn’t have a security system. I never went back. That was the first time that happened to me and while I could chalk this up to an independent bad experience, I started to notice that people do this a lot. I don’t get a choice in my experiences in stores.

There are different elements of everyone that influences the way live we every day. It changes the way people communicate to use and it effects the way we see ourselves. I have never stopped to think about how much this controls me. I want to break away from my habits because this shouldn’t be what controls me. William’s article is a really interesting read despite my “exciting” description. I encourage you to read it and think about your own trends.


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